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EnviroTop & VISTAR

This clever solution for access cover is innovative and unique in the field of Design and Landscaping.

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EnviroBlock & EnviroKerb

Our line drainage systems are more green, more robust and more intelligent than most other solutions.

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Galvanised Products

For dirt traps and mud buckets quality is very important. Learn more about our wide portfolio.

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EnviroDeck is helping Hamburg transform its bridges

Hamburg, situated on the river Elbe, is a city connected by over 2,300 bridges.

As the city is being developed and transformed for the 21st Century, Hamburg has staked its claim to be the greenest city in Europe, a title it has already achieved.

So how has Hamburg managed to build new state-of the-art bridges, using the latest materials and techniques, whilst retaining its green policy??

Here’s how…
In this short video Greg Parkin, Director of PDS and co-inventor of the Enviro-range of products explains how EnviroDeck addressed all of Hamburg’s needs, and helped Baakenhafen Bridge receive a nomination for Germany’s most prestigious bridge award for its innovation.


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